Change your money story NOW!

Have you listened to the words you use when you talk about money?

with Marcia O'Regan

Colour Alchemist and Transformational Coach, who transforms and empowers people's lives and business with colour and alchemy. 

If you have done all you can around changing your money story but it all seems short lived then read on...

The truth is, you came into this world with immense wealth but you have forgotten. You are an energetic being. And money is an energy that is spiritual and connected with source, which is an energy, and once you open this portal within you, then a whole new world starts to open up for you.

Once you get your money energy flowing then life gets a whole lot brighter, as it enables you to step into your soul mission. You get to extend your good deed in monetary terms too. 

What I am finding is that changes actually expand beyond money, you will see it filter into your relationships, your business, your well-being and in your life experience as a whole. 

I have been commissioned by my guides to activate your very own unique money wealth activator that is your birth right. Having this activated will mean you can finally start stepping into your life's mission and live YOUR Life and do the work your soul has been commissioned to do.

In This Program I Will 

  •  Reveal to you the real reason why money isn’t coming into your life in abundance.
  •  Put you in the right energetic state to prepare you to activate your unique wealth activator via video access.
  •  Show you that sometimes its not about what you thought it was, but something profoundly different.
  •  Enable you to deal with your money block once and for all and you will be amazed how you feel both energetically, emotionally and physically.
  •  Explore simple yet profound colour techniques that reveals what is at the heart of your money life experience. 
  •  Introduce you and ACTIVATE your very own Money Wealth Activator. 
  •  Give you the SUPPORT through this process in my dedicated Facebook group where I will be answering your questions and assisting you with daily Facebook Live Q&A and healing Sessions.

Most people think money is not spiritual well my guides have told me it is Spiritual! And this is why they specifically want gifted healers, coaches and lightworkers to know this, and start accessing the flow of money and abundance into their lives. 

This program content will help you take up the mission you have been commissioned to do on this planet TODAY. Not tomorrow TODAY. There is a sense of urgency around you no longer delaying putting yourself out there because the world needs you. Before you came on Earth you signed your Earthly contract and you need to know be LIVING THIS LIFE becasue where we are, how we are feeling is makig a big difference on our world today. When we have money in our lives we can do more, serve more, help more, and be in a state of peace, liberation, joy and possibility. This is source energy and this is what they want us to have.

Here is what a recent participant experienced:

It's taken me some time to get around and actually acknowledge what has happened to me since I was drawn towards Marcia and her group. I was in a very low state after moving home to Ireland realising that there was very little chance of me finding appropriate work in the field I specialise in. Despite 45 job applications and ridiculous feedback (too experienced/too specialised) I was on the verge of giving it all up and going back to the UK.

I can't really say what it was that made me seek Marcia out but it was a deep feeling that I should do it and it kept coming into my thought process daily. To say I'm glad I did is a complete understatement. I started a process of clearing and healing with Marcia where she picked up a range of issues that needed tweaking. 

The minute we spoke I was completely hooked as the sense of calm that settled was unbelievable. My savings were almost gone, I had no job and I couldn't really see a way forward so I enrolled on the inner wealth activator programme. Day two of the programme I received notification from the UK that I was being paid a large amount of money from a tax refund. 

Then within a week I was called to several interviews which resulted in me landing a job I thought was way out of my league! I'm financially way better off than I ever was working every hour possible in the UK working a fraction of the hours. 

My personal life is filled with time to enjoy things I never could so in all areas I have been filled with abundance. 

I can't recommend Marcia enough to people, I have been introduced to a different view on life tapping into a spiritual force I kind of thought I might have. One experience I will NEVER forget is walking along a side street in Dublin en route to an interview and I asked for help. What happened straight after blew me away. Safe to say what did happen have me the confidence to bomb that interview that secured this job for me. None of this would have happened had I not followed that itch to seek Marcia out. 

Give her programme a go you won't be disappointed. It has changed my life forever and I owe everything to you Marce, thank you from the bottom of my ❤️....... Gabriel, Ireland 

Are you ready to welcome more wealth into your life too?

There are two options for you to choose.


Self Study Program with

Facebook Group support


Self Study Program with

Facebook Group support

PLUS 2 Personalised

one to one sessions with Marcia


€297 €497


"A few months ago I felt stuck with my money situation - it seemed that I was attracting people who needed services I was selling but didn't have the money to pay for them. I had just one session with Marcia, the following day I've made a $10,000 sale. You may say coincidence, but this happens every time when I work with Marcia, so whatever it is it works, Marcia clears abundance blocks that we have unknowingly built." - Inga Deksne,UK


Well! Your money clearing Marcia is amazing. I have just had the first booking in a while for a face session, and the same person has also booked a discovery session with colour! Just in the last 30 minutes. Today of all days! Though you will probably not be surprised by that ;) I kept the faith, even though nothing was happening apparently, and I found a gold coin this morning as I was taking the children to school. (10 cents, but a golden coin nonetheless!) Thank you Marcia, and thank you Universe! - Jenny Wilson, Brussels

Hi Marcia, I wanted to thank you so much for doing the Inner Wealth Activator course. It was amazing in so many ways. Here are a few: on the first day I received a payment for 770 euros that I invoiced in March that I didn't actually think I would receive, then on Monday I received a reimbursement from Electrabel for 175.51 euros (FROM ELECTRABEL!). 

Then on Wednesday I received a payment for 522 euros for a job I did. I honestly think that was the fastest any company paid me. Then yesterday (Thursday) I called amazon as I didn't receive a package I ordered in August and the girl said she will resend it Priority from the US and I will receive it Monday and if I receive the first package to just keep it because it would be too much of a hassle to return it. So there you have it! 

Plus I have been noticing colour much more so the world has become brighter and more colourful. And yesterday a pink helium cat balloon floated by the window in my bedroom just when I went in to get something! Fun! 

I just want to thank you for your love, energy and generosity. I was so touched by how much you wanted to help everyone in the group and it's so evident how much you care about people and how much you want them to grow and shine. It really is wonderful to share space with you on this planet! - Mei-Yin, Brussels.

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